Mandalay Orphanage

St. Francis convent orphanage

Located in a remote area about 1 hour outside of Mandalay, Myanmar, St. Francis Convent Orphanage has been providing shelter and medical care to the displaced and disenfranchised children of the local village for more than 40 years. St. Francis Convent Orphanage is supported by the local efforts of St. Joseph's Church, as well as from the proceeds of their on-site goat farm and chili plantation which is cultivated by local villagers.

Formally accessible only by bull carts pulled over wooden planks crossing a rushing river, a working bridge has finally been built to provide increased access to the outside world. Dragonfly is dedicated to providing resources to assist the efforts of the nuns in providing adequate food to the children, improving basic structural needs of the orphanage, and ensuring everyone has ready access to basic medical supplies in such a remote area.