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Bhutan Phoenix Tours & Treks (www.bhutanphoenix.com) is a licensed tour operator founded and managed by Mendharawa Dorji;

I have studied abroad since the age of 7, attending elementary at Rumsey Hall School, Connecticut, finishing high school from Woodstock International School in India, and graduating with a Bachelor's degree from Fordham University. Through my early participation in charity events under the guidance of my mother, Princess Dechan Wangmo Wangchuck, principles of assistance and contribution have been instilled.

I felt compelled to open a travel agency after having had the opportunity to travel extensively around my country; where its beauty in nature, people, culture and art, captivate me still. I would like to share this incredible experience with others. We specialize in customized tours which enables guests to have a more personalized journey. Eventually, I am looking to include Volunteer Work Tours as a way of joining forces with Dragonfly's vision.

Meilin and I have been close friends since our boarding school days in India so when she approached me with her website and the purpose of her project, I felt it was perfect for Bhutan Phoenix Tours & Treks. We collaborate in projects that need our guidance and help, for example, supporting SABAH Bhutan; it “offers advantages and opportunities to rural women through sustainable livelihood." So it is not just charity, it is concrete support. Giving people the possibility to learn is key for development.